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Default Episode 60 - How Kaiba Got His Groove Back

Hey there YGOTASkateers! It's LittleKuriboh again.

For those of you paying attention, there's a shiny new episode at the top left of your screen. Your eyes do not deceive you. At least, not right now. I don't know what lies your eyes have been telling you outside of this website. And I don't wanna know.

What I do want is to tell you that Episode 60 of YGOTAS is done! You can watch it right now by clicking that video link up there. This one's Joey vs Kaiba, so you probably already figured out who wins. Also something happens with Melvin and Yami, but who cares about that whole plot thing.

Please enjoy the new one! I had a blast making it, so you're legally required to have a blast watching it.

Here's looking forward to Episode 61!
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