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Dear Ocean Claus,

I never get much from my family for Christmas each year, but my brother always does because they believe I don't deserve anything because of my behavior. My big brother always has been so mean to me, and my parents always spoil him to death. Whenever I get upset at him for teasing me and I tell him to stop, my mom and dad never do anything other than tell me to "just ignore him". But when I do something that upsets him, he cries for mom and she punishes me for it, even if it's because of something stupid and pointless that made my brother whine. He gets whatever he wants during the holidays while I only get a card and a shirt or two for Christmas. Half of the time the shirts they buy on Christmas are too small for me to wear. But you know what? I am still grateful for what I receive, even if it doesn't seem like much. There's more I will tell you that explains why I am a good girl.

You see, I have diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of three. It's a high spectrum form of Autism, but I don't see it as a syndrome: I embrace it as a blessing. I'm socially awkward out in public, my brain functions differently than those who don't have the disability, I am terrible at multitasking... there's so much more I can list about myself that makes me so much different from other people! A lot of people I knew both in the past and the present have judged me by these weaknesses I possess, especially back when I was a child. I usually am treated like dirt no matter what I do, I never get invited to any parties, I never get to hang out with any of my friends, and I was bullied my entire childhood life. Almost everyone believed I am a complete freak of nature, all because I have a disability.

However, amongst all those bad apples, I met some of the most amazing friends anyone could ever ask for. They stood by my side in my times of need, and even when they couldn't be there for me, I held their friendship in my heart and used their strength to help me push on through the harsh obstacles in life. In turn, I was always there to help my friends when they needed me the most, no matter what tries to stop me from doing so. Even if I get absolutely nothing each and every single year of my entire life, I will always be happy on Christmas each year. Why, you ask? Well, the most precious gifts of all aren't tangible, physical objects. They are the wonderful, positive feelings that only friends and those who truly love you can give to you: Friendship, kindness, joy, happiness, love, and much, much more!

When you come visit my humble home on Christmas Eve, I will generously share these feelings with you by leaving you a big plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies and another special treat: a cup of hot cocoa made with chocolate milk to make it extra chocolatey!

Alicia (a.k.a. WhiteMageBakura)

P.S. Here is a quick doodle of a kitty face. Why? Because everyone loves cats! :)

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