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Originally Posted by Mistyskye View Post
Here are my opinions: The phrase is said when something weird or amazing happens, so the person speaking is say "Oh my god" as a way saying " God, you've done something strange or amazing etc....". Of course it is used by each person differently but all in all I see it that way. Also, I honestly don't think it is using god's name in vain. And since you're saying "oh my god" it isn't very religion specific either.
I agree. :) And even though I prefer not to say it because most other Christians frown on it, I actually disagree also that it is really using God's name in vain. On the contrary, I think it actually praises God. Like when you turn a corner and see a great big rainbow, you say, "Oh my God! You never fail to amaze me!" It turns your awe into praise for God ;D

And I understand what everyone else is saying about how words and phrases lose their original meaning. xD That sure does tend to happen a lot. I usually just say "O.M.G", and when saying it aloud, I actually say the letters, O, M, and G. When I say it like that, it doesn't really have any specific meaning other than Wow! or Woah!

Remember when in the video about Seto Kaiba's real father, the conclusion, he says "My God..." and then the delusional robot tells him "There is no God!"
Maybe that was when Seto Kaiba decided to start saying "Oh my money!" instead xD
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