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Blabla card games blabla 2 years of inactivity blabla pendulum summon.

Okay, hello~
I'm just gonna talk about my thoughts on the current state of the card game.
Pretty much everyone is hating on Nekroz and Qliphort recently, which is understandable yet kind of simple-minded. In general, Pendulum receives a lot of hate with people being scared of the release of the new performages because of the consistency that they offer.
While Rank 4 XYZ stays strong as always, I have to say that aside from some minor flaws (Unbanning Raigeki and strange horribly long loops that lead to Shooting Quasar Dragon), the card game, as it currently is, is really balanced.
Why do I think so? It's because as long as a crystal beast deck (don't ask why I even play them) can beat Qliphort, Qliphort can't be that strong.
Interestingly, Elemental Heroes seem to get some attention lately as they are fairly consistent. I experienced really awesome results with Evil Heroes aswell, although I consider Masked Heroes to be kind of boring.
Oh, and Aromages deserve an award for being the most trolling archetype ever created.
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