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Originally Posted by Kronus View Post
I don't pretend people aren't using old cards any more. I pretend the big eye is stronger than snatchsteal and probably even stronger than change of heart. I know people are using old cards, simply because the oldest cards of a came are always extreme. but I see very little roid decks and also not many amazoness decks. I know you play so I thought it was unnecessary to tell you that monster reborn is still used, but apparently I was wrong. yes, there are some special old cards in the game. but in general, old cards aren't used any more.
Of course Number 11: Big Eye is stronger than no cost, cast-from-hand spell cards! You need to Exceed 2 level seven monsters to summon it! Plus, as a single monster you have a thousand counters for it, Bottomless, Warning, Compluse, Feindish Chain, Veiler, Breakthrough Skill. And the same can be said for any and all Extra Deck monsters. Every card can be countered. And the vast majority of those counters have been around for many years.
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