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Originally Posted by Kronus View Post
There are cards and strategies which appear to be superior. most player rely only on those few common "Meta"-decks. just go out and duel, 90% of what you see will be Meta. why? because they seem to be strong. so therefore everyone plays them. in order to still be the winner, players try to increase the speed.
The game has ALWAYS been like this. Before the Forbidden list existed, there were about 20 or so cards that were in literally every deck. People are always trying to find the best way to win.
Originally Posted by Kronus View Post
but now that you can simply summon the tool from your extra deck regardless of the situation
That's not even true. There are MANY real, in game situations in which you realize your only out to the situation you are in is a monster in your extra deck that you can't summon at the moment. Even if you do manage to get it out, it might get hit by Bottomless, Warning, Dimensional Prison, Mirror Force, Effect Veiler.
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