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which comments are you talking about?

what I am reading is "because there are more cards, there are more options and more situations. therefore you have to think more"

but that's where you are wrong. there aren't more cards. most people only use the few newest cards, because they seem to be superior.

more different situations? no, not really. nearly all decks are build so they produce the same result regardless of the situation. you only get to see the same stuff all the time. there isn't any thinking. people copy decks from recipes and don't know how to play the game properly. those decks have ways for everything, sure, but the players are stupid and don't know them. they only know how to deal with other meta decks. that's nothing new, it has always been like this. but now that you can simply summon the tool from your extra deck regardless of the situation, you need even less creativity and now that your opponents deck is focused on nothing but summoning XYZ from his Extra Deck, they are so predictable, that you need even less creativity.

You are talking about how it should be, but that's not how it is.
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