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yes you are. sure, theoretically Synchro and XYZ could make the game more complex, but that's not how the dynamic evolved. the game just isn't played the way you describe it.
There are cards and strategies which appear to be superior. most player rely only on those few common "Meta"-decks. just go out and duel, 90% of what you see will be Meta. why? because they seem to be strong. so therefore everyone plays them. in order to still be the winner, players try to increase the speed.

Imagine you were about to start a battle. so far every player could chose between pepper and a flashlight as a weapon. now there is a new weappeon: a gun. sure, when there are 3 weapons, in play, the battle could be more complex than with only two weapons. but everyone would only rely on the gun and try to just shoot first. nobody would think about blinding their opponent with a flashlight, then using the pepper on him and stealing his gun.
The balancing is the problem. since XYZ and Synchro and actually all new cards are a lot stronger than old cards, people will mostly rely onthem. of cause you can beat them with old cards, my main deck is totally second generation, but just because you can doesn't mean you do. most people only use what appears to be the strongest and therefore everyone uses the same decks and the game is boring.
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