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Originally Posted by Kronus View Post
what do you mean by "you don't make experiences"?
I mean there is no such thing as making an experience. Experiences are had.

And as far as your scenario goes, that tells me nothing about the game state. Yes, I may have a way to get around that monster thanks to my extra deck. But what cost do I have to pay to summon it? Would I rather use that cost on something else? Should I get a monster with a much higher attack to avoid Forbidden Lance and similar cards? Or should I get a 2100 attack monster who is vulnerable to those cards, but has a better effect? Does my opponent have any traps set? Might I instead be better off getting a monster that can deal with those traps but is still weaker than the monster? Or should I keep my potential materials on the field, where I can use them for other purposes?

This is the thought process of modern Yu-Gi-Oh players during every turn of every game. You can't tell me that before Yu-Gi-Oh became a complex game, duelists had to put in anywhere near as much thought into their actions.
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