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Originally Posted by JesusRocks View Post
I was at work at the time, and seeing some dude's hairy arse on the screen made me very conscious of what would be safe for work, and what is not safe for work... I take Mystra's point on this one. I wouldn't want my boss to see that on my screen, it could easily get me reprimanded.

It was me who banned you. The reason why I banned you for two days is because 2 days is the standard. Maybe I should have given you a warning first, and for not doing that I apologise...

I probably did jump the gun mainly because I was at work at the time I saw it, and it wasn't a good thing to see at work.
Aren't mods suppose to be heartless machines that do not feel emotion and terminat-I mean ban users because that is their purpos-job to purg-the human rac-I mean ban rule breaking users. So if it fell under your Modar-I mean radar then it was only the appropriate action against the human-I mean User. [ SPARE ME OH GREAT POWERFUL MOD! DAMN YOU SKYNET! ]

Ignorance/Negligence can't be used as an excuse in real life law enforcement. I believe that would be the case on this site. However because this isn't necessarily portraying real life law enforcement...I guess it's ok.

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