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Originally Posted by MarioMaster3000 View Post
Hmm. I'm starting to wonder why I keep coming back to this site apart from doing mod stuff and making sure those darn kids don't get to 100...
I remember the days back in 2007 when I came here almost everyday. I talked and interacted with so many folks. As we got older and the years came back, we grew apart from this site and with others; some more than others.

These days, I spend most of my internet time on Tumblr. I follow some friends from here; made some new friends, and much more. However, I won't forgot my times on here...

Back when the series was in full swing and LK was around on here made things more exciting. But LK can't dedicate the time to make episodes nearly as often, and he can't dedicate any time on the forum at all. We have tried to keep things alive as much as we can, and it is working somewhat, otherwise this place would be 100% empty with no new posts ever.

I come on here most every day ever since I got my new laptop a few months ago. I know how you feel, but I guess the thing for me is that I don't have the time to invest in new online relationships like I did back in 2007. I am on Tumblr and an MLP forum, and I kind of have friendships there, but I do not invest time in making them close like I did so long ago. I think that making new online friends stopped being a priority when I started dating my now-husband. It doesn't feel like it was that long ago when I did.

I'll never forget the memories I have from here, either. It's all too important to me, even if times have changed.
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