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It seems that gun laws are rather relaxed in the state, though I'm unsure about the city. From what I can discern, open carry is allowed in the state though permits are issued, generally guns are allowed to be carried in the open though some cities require a concealed carry license to do so. Otherwise, it seems to be a rather lax state requiring no permits for purchase or ownership nor a need to register guns.

Though that being said, the more I watch this video, the more I think that there is only one party in the wrong. My voice of reason and logic: A subject carrying a small and easily concealed firearm down a public residential street in a manner so noticeable and concerning to the general public as to have them file reports to police officers about it seems to warrant some sort of investigation; if not in any official capacity, then to at least to serve as an assurance to the concerned individuals who reported this student. That said, the student was right about his rights and was well within them to refuse to cooperate so long as it was done peacefully.

Though now that I've covered what facts of the situation I can present, I feel compelled, as is customary in the lands of family, to share my honest, if not entirely humble nor unbiased, opinion:

It may or may not be known to some that I am born to, and thus grew up with, the cultures of two states along the gulf rim famously known for their traditionalistic views that put the utmost value on states' and individuals' rights (those who know a bit about US history and recent politics can probably guess which two (those for those who need a hint, neither of them are known for alligators in the yard or oranges the size of melons)). And, like my family and neighbors, I have a certain interest in firearms and the laws that regulate them myself (though in honesty I doubt that any state would let me stroll down the street with a bolt action slung over my shoulder, permit or not. Especially not here). That being said, quite a few of us are also fond of our common sense, knowledge of how guns may affect those around us, and respect for those charged with keeping the peace, which any of us would say is noticeably absent from this video on the part of the student. As said, the man was rather foolish in the handling of his weapon, as anything attracting so much attention as to have reports filed or at the very least flag down police officers in a state with relaxed gun laws can't seem wholly safe. The presentation and the fact that a video camera was ready to catch all of this strikes me as more than a little odd, though I can't really say anything more on that unless it were taken, edited, and posted by one of the film's lead actors. And as much as I hate to display a case of school pride, especially when said school has differing laws, but should that have happened here, I doubt that not only would the officer have given that student a rather stern talking to about respecting people, whether or not they are in authority, but also that one among the passers by would have stepped in to chastise him, if not, as those who have spent the time instilling these values would have said, "bent the sorry bastard over their knee so that camera could get a nice shot of them beating some respect into his sorry hide."

The only part that amazes me is that knowing them, they would only have to hand the gun to the officer after they were finished.

Thank you for that small indulgence and for your time. I hope that I have made at least one point for you to take with you in the following posts.

EDIT: And you may quote me on all of this.

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