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Originally Posted by K!XD View Post
I think I'm going to be sick...
I was hoping he'd quit while he was ahe-... I was hoping he'd just quit. -_-

M. Night is one sadistic person... Getting everyone's hopes up then dropping a nuke on them while spitting on them and laughing maniacally... Either that, or... idk... he's wearing rose-tinted goggles and taking mounds of quaaludes....
Naw, see, what happened was that M Night Shaderpaderp was a fan of the series. Now, as you all know, there are 2 types of fans:
  • Fans that love the series for what it is, and MAYBE would like a new season or two.
  • Fans that write shittons of fanfiction.

M Night's the latter. Problem is, Mr Shaderpaderp sucks at writing fanfiction, as is obvious with the movie. Nickelodeon had an epic fail moment when they decided NOT to be cautious when they heard that he was a "fan".
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