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I am only one to wash dishes in my flat (it is ture, there is one dish which was last washed around X-Mas time. The mold on it cannot be removed now, as it comes under a protection act as as it offically been classed as a new form of life,
-I even gave the different mold poeple names, their is fat, One, fared, farted (though he killed himself for some reason) love, JR, Sera(he is a different mold tpyre though so I may kill him) Kawa, Zariak and Holyshadow (There is also a yellow one with black stripes, or was it black with yellow stripes, anyway, not sure what to call him)

I have no idea where I got all these names from, you know <wink>

ERRRRRR I have forgot the point of why I came here, oh yer I remember,

hello eternity, here is another post for you too ignore lol, :D
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