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Originally Posted by JesusRocks View Post
I would like to resolutely declare my approval at Eternity's modding.

Also, Eternity, here's a problem question for you...

There are dishes, piling up in the staff kitchen. Underling is no longer permitted entry to said staff kitchen, so he cannot wash them. [^_^] and Magick are too awesome to wash dishes, Kroze is so FAIL that he would make the dishes more dirty by trying to wash them. Araharu is too busy dealing with the traumatising effects of Kroby Canon to wash them. SpiritBoy never does anything around here, so no reason for him to start washing dishes now... I exist only to dirty the plates, and so am incapable of washing them. Ren refuses to wash the dishes because [^_^] will constantly stand behind her, groping her ass. EdBat will kick anyone who asks her to wash the dishes because she takes it as an innuendo about her boobs(++). It has been agreed that Masty shouldn't wash the dishes because we don't know where his hands have been. We can't let Omega within 5 miles of the staff dishes because he'll do dirty, dirty things to them involving his [censored], a squirrel, and lots of [censored] including his collection of [censored] - all too traumatising to be shown here. BAM, ReconDye, Mimiru, Safty and LK aren't around much, so it's kind of unfair for them to wash the dishes...

Therefore I ask: Who will be washing all of the staff dishes from now on?

[ it's you >:V ]

I lol'd... and recieved strange looks because of it.
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