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I'm relieved that none of my alltime favorite movies have had a mention in here, from the few pages I looked through :3

I hated the Dragonball z movie and the last airbender movie and I remember the Northern lights got a film called the golden compass which I hated for the simple reason that they only did half the book, left it on a lame and cliche TBC finish and NEVER made a sequel.

Come on, when a film has a cliffhanger ending you expect some kind of sequel, really they should have found a point to give it a solid ending.

Oh, plus the Never Let me Go adaptation wasn't to great. yes, the actors did pretty well at acting, but it just felt so flat and rushed. The book is so good due to the imagery and language used. They got rid of the 'strong images' in the book like the clown and the sandpit and scrapped the whole concept of how the story jumps between time periods and the Hailsham section was really badly cut down as it makes up a big chunk of the novel and covers a long time, which was poorly displayed in the film.
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