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Default Save Your Favorite Martian!!

For those of you that don't know, YourFavoriteMartian or YFM, was an animated band created by Ray William Johnson of the =3 fame. It stars Puff Puff (lead singer), Benatar (keytar, vocals), Axel (drums), and Dee Jay (turntables). The band would create original songs and song covers, and even had their own webisodes, although due to explicit language, I would only recommend to watch it if you can handle bad words and stuff. It got canceled more than a year ago after a dispute with Ray and Makers Studio (gives Makers Studio the death stare).

Let me start by saying how even though I'm new (ha, more like late) to the Your Favorite Martian fandom, I've watched all the episodes and seen most of the videos and I've grown to love them in the short period of time that I've seen them. The songs are so funny and I just love the main singer Puff Puff. His voice is explosive, energetic, bouncing off the walls, a bit obnoxious, but really awesome, and each thing he sings just captures your attention, and gets your heart pumping with excitement and often roll on the floor with laughter. I love the songs by them. Yeah many of them are pretty explicit, but I just like how they sing songs about almost anything, whether about Road Rage, a night club that causes seizures, stereotypes (you Hetalia fans know the one), it's just very catchy and very funny. They also have songs that some people can relate to, like in Alien, it talks about how kids who are different get bullied and feel, well, alien, or in Friend Zone, when you have a crush on someone, but the other person just wants to be a friend. And their covers they did of other songs were awesome too. I friggen loved their version of Somebody that I Used to Know! YFM was awesome, so what if they were a cartoon band? I found the newest song, the cover of BOOM HEADSHOT, and at the end they said they were releasing an album. I went to subscribe to the channel.

But then as soon as I get there, it says THIS PROJECT IS RETIRED. WTF? I was devastated. It wasn't fair! It just wasn't fair. I read that the studio that makes YFM, Makers Studio, was apparently bitching Ray for most of his money and trying to take advantage of him and stuff, so he quit. I really don't think YFM deserved to go out that way. It really wasn't fair! It fills me with pure red nerd rage!!!!!!!!!!

But as I was on the YFM wiki, I found this. ... M!?cb=3452 I'm not sure how good this will work, but you never know. I really think they deserve to come back. I do. Please help. If you know any YFM fan, send this link to them. Please help! Planet Earth, Your Favorite Martian needs a friend!
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