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Except that Kudos was the killer. It has been confirmed that I am indeed the detective.

My hint for today was "You woke in horror to the death within the town around you, unlike everyone else's silence you felt like something had truly been lost that could never be gained again. You felt like you had lost control of something, or perhaps you never had it to begin with. Although you didn't know what you had to do, you felt that whatever it was, it just got much harder. "

Meanwhile, Akane is not in play.

This leaves just two possibilities.

1) Baku is the conspirator and made Clank the killer before her detainment. Knowing that in my role I could not be killed, he instead targeted somebody else, and Kudos was that somebody. He killed since he was guaranteed to die, and the lynch would hide the tracks of the real conspirator, Baku.
2) Fenrir is the only person whose role I do not know. If he is Irie, he could have made a second killer, which could potentially explain my second hint, which did not seem related to Kudos.
"a mirror crack'd from side to side, the killer's grin was twice as wide"
If that is the case, then the second killer is likely to be Rena, which points to Muse. This is from knowledge of the character, whom as well as being the only in play character to have a violent grin also has shattered glass imagery scattered throughout the show.

So, the plan for this turn is as follows, providing further information isnt provided.

-Town kills Baku.
-I accuse Muse (sorry Muse)
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