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Default Shippings

This thread is all about shippings.
(I hope I posted this in the right spot.)

What are shippings you ask and why do they have weird names such as... Tabloidshipping? *shiver*
Well, I'm glad you asked.'s_List

Check out the YGO Wikipedia article called Shipper's List and it gives hundreds of names of shippings and characters... even more than anyone could possibly want!

So tell us your favorite couples from YGO and the reasons why.

Mine is Shrimpshipping (Weevil x Rex) because they are just way too cute for words. And when they are together, their cuteness is combined to form an undying ball of cute and fluff. Also they ALWAYS hang around each other. If they hate each other like they keep saying, why are they always side by side? <3
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