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Not that there's any point to posting in Underling's profile anymore...

Yes, the new Pendragon book came out. The next and last one is due out May 2009.

Raven Rise was so good! I think Saint Dane is gonna win. My God. Sanit Dane is gonna win.

Raven Rise spoilers - Think hard before you read it.
[ Like, everyone died. All the Travelers are back (except Osa). Press is back. Loor kissed Bobby. Mark and Courtney are dead... gone. It wasn't very clear on which. And all the flumes, like, exploded. ]

It was awful. But it was... so... good.

And now I'm writing a fanfiction to explain what I think the origins of Saint Dane are.

So, Araharu, junior year's a killer? That's just great... I'm looking forward to next year...

And another question: what's your favorite Pendragon territory?
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