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Originally Posted by Ishikawa Oshro View Post
You would be dead wrong in your assumptions. Any real scientist would know about the theory of dust and it's role in creationism and so forth. It is in fact a theory that just like the bible is missing one string to put it all together.
And atheism is certainly not on the decline. In fact more than ever it is an ever growing faction with more and more young adults leaning towards atheism for the sheer reason of homosexuality(and other rules they dislike) not being accepted in the biblical laws.
Most Popular World Religions. I'm not so sure about that. Do you have a source for this, that atheism is not on the decline? It is a fact that many strong atheistic philosophers and scientists have, through their own research and studies, converted from atheism due to the contradictions in the atheistic philosophy.

Originally Posted by Ishikawa Oshro View Post
I myself do not know the dust theory 100% seeing as it was something I stumbled across a year or two back. But if you are interested in it I would gladly phone my colleague and to see if he had an article or knew a good youtube video about it.
Sure~! That would be wonderful. c:
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