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First of all, what have I done to make myself a troll? The thread called for a discussion, and I contributed. If simply giving my opinion, which doesn't happen to agree with many of the atheistic opinions here, is trolling, then the thread starter should have said so in the first place that this thread was only for atheists to come and agree on their beliefs.
First of all, your account is new and you immediately jumped into an incredibly controversial topic. Second, your posts contain common fallacies which appear so frequently I can't help but assume they are intentional. And lastly, your post style is weird and draws attention to itself.

Yes, yes it is. Atheism is Secular Humanism as Kangaroos are Macropus rufus's.
No. No it isn't. Your first tip that your source was not credible should be the page's unprofessional layout. However, the line about the atheist pledge should have tripped your bullshit alarm. There is no such pledge. You even said yourself that atheists think for themselves. Atheists are not a collective and the only thing we have in common is our lack of belief in god.

You keep saying "is" and "is incorrect", while giving examples. Do you have any reason why or how or what makes the quote truth?
Here. A quick google search would clear up most of the confusion you seem to be experiencing. If you want to have a real discussion, you need to familiarize yourself with what we are actually talking about.

Again, how are they not the same thing? Throwing out statements without some backup isn't defeating my argument. xD I defined them both, explained them, then explained them further to aid my argument.
1. The overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world.

a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices

Seriously, can you not use the internet? How hard would it be to look this up and get on the same page as everyone else?

Atheism believes that either the world's beginning was an accident, or that the world has always existed.
Atheism believes that we have no purpose other than personal pursuit of happiness.
Please stop telling me what I believe.
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