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Originally Posted by animex75 View Post
arm knitting? sounds painful, why knit something to your arm like that?

Originally Posted by musigal View Post
That's cool =) I experimented with finger knitting a bit, but decided needles gave me a bit more control. I never did try arm knitting.
I've started a fingerknit scarf, but my tension is too tight so I feel like I'm cutting off the circulation in my fingers. I might as well get needles and try them tbh

Originally Posted by TheOcean View Post
Looks good. I can't knit. I've tried and it is definitely a craft beyond me.
Thank you! I tried when I was younger, but nothing could ever keep my attention. I can't tell you how many crafts I've gone through.

Originally Posted by Face View Post
My first thought before reading any text 'That is a fine fishing net'
LFMAO now that you say that, it really does look like one. I have a picture of me wearing it, but I'll leave that on facebook.

Originally Posted by biggles1 View Post
You could catch a lot of Bass with that.
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