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Hi, I'm KingdomHeartsFrantic (KHF for short). I'm 16 years old, I'm British, I'm a hardcore gamer, and a hardcore anime and manga nut.

My favourite animes include: One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Shaman King (the japanese versions rather then the terrible TERRIBLE 4kids dubs) Bleach, Naruto (for these two I actually like their dubs). My favourite games include: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Roccoon, Halo, The Sims 2, Super Smash Brothers, Zelda, Resident Evil, Megaman Battle Network, the old Sonic games rather than the newer ones. My favourite movies are: Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, all Rockey films, and Team America.

I'm also a small time animator on Newgrounds. I created and animate the series TPS. Basically it's about a boy who gets sucked into a video game world (not very original I know). He forms a team consisting of himself, Sora of Kingdom Hearts, Ratchet of the Ratchet and Clank series, Sly of the Sly Raccoon series, and Jak of the Jak and Daxter series and they go around saving video game worlds and trying to rescue lost allies. You can find it here:
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