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Default ocean's christmastravaganza

I'm feeling in the spirit of the holidays. So trample each other to win the best stuff guys.

Rules: Write the best letter to Ocean Claus about how you were a good boy or girl this year. Include what types of midnight snack you'll be leaving for me on Christmas Eve. Bonus points if you draw me a doodle. (Can be 100% unrelated, but don't steal someone else's work.)

Two entries per person, so if you feel someone over did you, enter again and step up your game.

The best boy or girl or person of nongender will recieve an original crappy painting by yours truly.
The second best boy or girl will get an original small drawing from me.
The third runner up will get a gentle pat on the head via the internet.

If you are international and win I will send you your gift, but you probably won't get it by Christmas. Shopping can be expensive.
Yes this requires you giving me your address. It will be private. Don't worry about me stalking whomever you are, I have way too much on my plate to do that.

Contest ends December 13th
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