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Naruto English dub: ...Believe it~ need I say more?

Naruto japanese: After the Sasuke retreval season there are like 100 episodes of just fillers... yes the english dub will have this too... and the japanese version is already past it... it was just a bitch to wait through.

Naruto Shppuden: shut up... I'm a Naru-fag xD episodes take forever to make, and if they don't hurry the english dub will catch them and the anime will be caught in a hole.

Zatch Bell: yeah, I'll say it, I watched it... but after like 20 episodes the same message kept repeatiing: friendship and work together! ...F**k you Zatch Bell....

I still watch Naruto... but its cuz I'm one of those people who has to compare manga and anime. And I just like anime fight seens better in anything....
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