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Originally Posted by biggles1 View Post
I assume when you say 'conscious' you mean 'conscience'? As Conscious is being awake and aware.
Yes, conscience. Basically the majority of the human population can and does feel pain, remorse, and can feel for other people, but there's a good %3 who can't. And that 3%, for whatever reason, tend to make up the %50 of those in jail. No one knows if this is something that's learned or if people are just born this way, but it goes along with many criminals having an anti-social personality disorder. It makes rehabilitation really difficult because those sort of people don't feel remorse for their crimes and they certainly don't care about society's rules. They are the kind of people who don't follow rules because they understand right and wrong but because they don't want to get caught and in end up in prison.

So basically, what I'm saying is you can't rehabilitate everyone because there's too many of these kinds of people in prison settings who just don't care about what they are doing.
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