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After someone mentioning The Odyssey I've now found out I actually have to read it for uni this year, huzzah. Not really because I have so much to read already. Right now I'm trying to finish the following for next week:
The Odyssey, because I have to write an essay on it for the 29th of this month.
The Master and Margarita, because I'm planning on using it for one of the books for my comparative literature essay due in sometime in November.
100 Years of Solitude, because it's assigned reading.

The Master and Margarita and 100 Years of Solitude are severely heavy reading, amazingly well written and entertaining but so confusing and dense that I keep having to re read bits just to remind myself what's going on. This is on top of a dozen or so philosophy articles I've still got to read. I'm really wondering why I thought going back to uni was a good idea.
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