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Umm...yo. Call me Yugiohslavia or just, whatever you want for short. I enjoy cosplay, drawing, reading, sometimes roleplay, uh, I play the card game but I am REALLY bad at it. My record time for losing a duel is 4 minutes.. I'm a disgrace, I know, heheh. Feel free to add me on Skype, yahoo, oovoo, etc.

Uhhhhhh I like fettuccine alfredo. As a greasy haired Italian (nope, not Slavic - that's just the username), my family has some sort of pasta-based dinner AT LEAST three times per week. I'm a cancer and I look up of horoscopes daily. I take an MMA class and I'm trying to improve myself every time I go. I have a very weird sense in humor, so if I ever say "swag", "yolo", or SOMETHING along those lines - it's a joke. Please don't take any of my "swag" or "kawaiidesune" jokes seriously and you should probably hate me a little less. Yugi (not Yami) is my waifu and we're going to get married and I'll impregnate him thirteen times.

Oh, and at my school we have to wear IDs - I wear a Kaiba card sleeve around my neck and I am the coolest fucking person in school because of it.

So yeah. Nice to finally join the forum. I look forward to posting on here.
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