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The dawning sun's rays spread a bright red cascade throughout the clouds as the morning birds chirp a solemn song of an unwanted waking. The town, with little sleep, moves from its slumber to its standard routine previously interrupted by the festival. Holding no regard for the pre-emptive hidden lynching of the outsider, Akasaka Mamoru (Clank4Prez), but increasing in dread due to their failure to prevent the death of Rina Mamiya (Kudos) despite their attempts to fit the annual clause of Watanagashi. This year, it seemed, was no exception to the bloodshed Hinamizawa held within its streets. In fact, it seemed this year may be much bloodier.

Clank4Prez was lynched.
Kudos has been killed.

Player List:

1. grimfang999
2. animex75
3. Clank4Prez - Akasaka Mamoru - Dead
4. musigal
5. Fat1Fared
6. bakurachick - Detained
7. kudos - Rina Mamiya - Dead
8. Fenrir502

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