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Originally Posted by eternity View Post
I would like a honest discussion with you, no trolling, no jokes, no bullshit.

You like My Little Pony. That's fine. But why do you treat it as the best show on the planet? No show is like that. Not one. People can think highly of any show they damn well want, and people are also allowed to NOT want to watch a show. What is your deal, in asking--no, just about demanding everyone to watch it?

Now, for the record, when I said "You have no humanity!" I was simply kidding around. I wasn't serious. I was hoping the text being bold, underlined, and italic would have given that away.

I have never serious claimed it is the best show ever nor can I recall a time I have demanded someone to watch it. I've suggested and recommended it to others, yes, but I haven't demanded it.

It isn't my #1 favorite show ever, I'm not even sure what my #1 absolute favorite is -- to close to call for the ones I love, but it is one of my favorite shows in general and it certainly ranks high.

I don't get riled up when people say they don't like it or don't care for it but if someone makes a ridiculous comment or claim against it I'll say something, like I'd do with anything I favor or maybe interested in at the moment.

Now as for why it's one of my favorites in general:

(Now, I think I've touched upon this in a previous and recent post but I can't recall thanks to crappy memory and I don't feel like looking back)
I love the character designs and animation. It's what first grabbed my attention. I can't put into words why I love it so much but I do. It certainly isn't a style I've seen prior but I wouldn't use that as a reason why since there are other original styles that I can't say I'm crazy about.

I love the music, the musical numbers (especially So Many Wonders, Art of the Dress, and At The Gala), the voice acting and how well the voice actresses fit the personalities of The Mane Six. I suppose another reason I really, really, really like this show is due to how different and enjoyable this incarnation is compared to the previous shows.

The fandom also keeps me interested in the show with all the various remixes of the show's songs, fan art, and fan comics.

I absolutely love it. I think there may be other reasons, probably are, but I can't recall 'em but what I've posted now is the gist of it.

But why do you treat it as the best show on the planet? No show is like that. Not one.
Whatever is the best show on the planet is in the eye of the beholder. Even if someone serious considers something like a MTV Reality TV show "the best show ever".
There can't be a "THE BEST SHOW EVER!". A very large majority on the planet would have to agree. However, it goes without saying there are many fantastic shows deserving being called "great" with critical acclaim. To me, Friendship is Magic is a show that falls under such a title. If you disagree, well alright.
I just think it's a little ridiculous that there's so much tension between the lovers and the I-don't-want-to-triers.
There's more tension between the lovers and those who assume it's "girly, girly" like the previous shows and those who ridiculously bash it.

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