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I actually agree with most of what Fared said. My own thoughts about the video are as follows:

*The police officer had no legal right to detain him without suspecting him of a crime, so why didn't he just A) say that he suspected him of carrying a loaded gun if that was illegal in his area or B) let him go? The police officer was not following protocol, and could therefore have acted better in this situation.

*That being said, the law student ALSO could have handled himself better in the situation. He was very obviously trying to make a point, which in-and-of-itself is ok, but he was being a dick about it. He could have been more civil in explaining his position to the police officer instead of shoving his face repeatedly into his failings.

TL;DR: There is no golden boy of the situation. They both kind of suck.

EDIT: HEY FARED, THEY'RE IN PORTLAND, OREGON (if you want to research local laws to make a more informed comment. I know I will!)

Open carry of long guns and handguns are both permitted in Oregon by anyone who is not prohibited (not a felon [like the police officer was trying to determine about the student], not convicted of a violent misdemeanor, not addicted to drugs or alcohol, and not involuntarily committed to a mental institution). Permits are only required for concealed carry of handguns (and MUST be issued if requirements of application are met, not issued on discretion). However Portland as a city has banned all loaded guns in public places, and the state law does not preempt in regard to unlicensed open carries. But guns may be carried openly if unloaded.

Analysis of new info: The police officer should have said that he suspected the man of carrying a loaded firearm in public (which would have been illegal in Portland, and therefore a legitimate reason to detain the student). Then the student should have shown him that the gun was not loaded, and then have been released as he had not broken any laws. Simple solution. Morons on both sides of the interaction.

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