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Originally Posted by killshot View Post
I couldn't even finish watching the video. People who can rattle off extremely specific details about laws are the most obnoxious people on the planet. The cop here is just responding to a call and the student is being a dickhead. No one's rights are being eroded, its just a cop who clearly doesn't want to put up with this shit and a paranoid jackass who thinks the shadow police are out to enslave the country. Your friends are idiots.
That was my point entirely. He didn't take away any of his stuff, he didn't have an issue with the person owning the gun, he was just dealing with a potential public safety threat and wanted to neutralise any danger and clear up the situation as fast as possible. What's so hard to see about that?

They are typical paranoid conspiracy theorists, twisting every tiny detail into a mountain of imaginary threats.
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