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hey niknnik,
I enjoyed of mice and men, (well i had to, we were studying it for GCSE) but a little thing I think needs clearing up. George shot Lennie because otherwise Curley and co would have lynched Lennie, (killed him) not tortured him, and as you've already said, where candy moans about how he should have shot his own dog, George acts upon that and shoots Lennie because it's the most humane thing to do and he is closest to Lennie. The sentence "George just wanted a normal life" is inaccurate, as he actually wanted to fulfill his American dream, and that could only have been done with Lennie, because they traveled as a two, not lonesome as the workers in the depression worked. George could not have lived his life as it should of been because he killed Lennie. The depression stopped anyone achieving their life's aims but because there were two of them, they were close to it.
Sorry to rain on your parade but I'm passionate about this book and I don't believe you understand it fully.
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