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Originally Posted by kudos View Post
This! I loved Redwall for a long time, but they were all very similar. My favorites were the ones that broke the mold.
My feelings towards the series is the same; I think that is why I loved the Highlander, and I also loved Legends of Luke. In both of these stories he broke his rule that all non-vermin are saintly and that they must be immortal on the battlefield. (It got a little tiresome knowing that the good guys simply could not lose, haha, which I think is what many series which go on for a long time suffer from, they become predictable; in Harry Potter, JK to her credit in the fifth book decided to kill off a good guy to mix things up, but she made the mistake of saying this was going to happen and so by god, it was obvious that old Black was going to be the one off'ed, he was the only good guy who could die at this point without leaving the story in limbo. I think this also why she went kill crazy at the end. lol
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