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YamiYugiFangirl 03-28-2014 08:27 AM

I need help
Guys, I have a problem. Okay, one of my best internet friends, DJ, well I saw him posting on Facebook and dA, this one simple line, "I wanna die". I don't know what's going on because he hasn't spoken to me in awhile. I dunno what to do. I don't live in the same city as him, so I don't know what's going on. I'm scared and I'm afraid he's really gonna kill himself. I don't wanna go through this again. Two of my best friends committed suicide in my freshman year, so I'm scared of this happening again. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YamiYugiFangirl 03-28-2014 01:46 PM

Never mind. It turns out he got hacked. -_- This is the second time this happened.

Kronus 03-31-2014 09:01 AM

sad to hear that. hacking is worse enough, but what kind of poor lowlife would find that kind of "joke" funny?" -.-

YamiYugiFangirl 03-31-2014 04:47 PM

I know right? Last time DJ got hacked, the hacker posted that he was gay, and apparently sent mean troll messages to his other friends (and ignored me).

Kronus 04-01-2014 06:39 AM

awful horrible people there are in this world. I pity them. poor creatures that need to do that stuff in order to feel good. they really need friends.

MechaBunny 04-02-2014 10:57 AM

I'm sorry you had to go through that, YamiYugiFangirl. Even if it did turn out to be a hack, it evoked a deep reaction.

If you ever do have a friend who you think may be suicidal, it is okay to ask them directly "Are you thinking about killing yourself?" It is a myth that this encourages suicidal thoughts, instead it opens dialogue. If the individual has a plan, is it in the future? If it is in the now, encourage them to put away anything they could use to hurt themselves, to speak with someone about it even if it isn't you.

Most of all, if this is someone close to you try to get them to promise they won't do anything *tonight*.


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