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araharu 05-19-2008 09:34 PM

Hi. Since I'm a mod now, I might as well come out and say my name's Matt Rolfe. I'd like to take this time to say a few things about myself. First off, I'm a semi-honors student who wants to go into Psychology as a major in college. So naturally, I'm interested in what moves people. What drives them, what makes them tick, the good and the bad. I am 17, currently a junior in high school, and I am a moderately good student. I participate in cross country, track, student youth aid groups, church choir, orchestra, jazz band, and I also have a job bagging groceries. I am a gamer, a thinker, a reader, a student, a son, a runner, a Christian, a bassist, and many more. So why do I continue on? Why do I do the things I do? The short answer would be that I live for myself, and I live for others. The long answer is....well, long.

I live for myself to realize my ambitions. I'll be the first one to tell you all that I don't have the best opinion of myself. I'll skip a whiny rant that illustrates my views on my emotional and physical flaws, and move right on to the main reason that I bring this up: even though I don't think of myself in the best light, I still have dreams to fulfill. I want to be a good son to my parents, a good brother to my sister, continue with running and being a bassist throughout my life, retain my childhood fancies, and enjoy life. Notice that I don't have 'get into a good college' or 'get a well-paying job' up there. That is because I do not believe those are the most important things in life. To put it simply, I think loving and living are the two greatest things a person can get out of life. As an adult, I wish to live as I want, free of regret or anxiety. I also want to love with all of my heart and soul, to find peace. Those are my ambitions that I have set for myself, and I try to live those every day in order to attain my life of wealth in spirit.

I also live for others. Like I said, I want to study Psychology, and so I care about people and their emotions. I feel that if I knew one person, any person well enough, I could understand and love them. That being said, the people I know best at the moment are my friends and my family. If I were to die, or give up on life, or throw it away to poor choices--where would that leave the people whom I care about? I would leave emotional scars that wold never heal. I would cause unspeakable damage and heartache. In short, I would make the world a worse place instead of a better one. So I live on, so that those I love can live with me, through the good as well as the bad, and not have to suffer for my choices.

Well, there's my rant. Maybe I'll add more later, maybe not. Anyways, time to discuss...me I guess. So get to it. (Yes, I know this is a direct copy from my General Discussion Post--I'm just lazy like that =P)

I've also decided to make this into an "ask araharu anything" thread. Ask me something, and I will respond to the best of my ability. Unless I don't feel like it. In which case I won't. (Just kidding y'all.)

EDIT: Now open for discussion.

KuramaStrassCullen 05-30-2008 10:25 AM

Question: Do you like YYH?

araharu 05-31-2008 08:50 PM

Answer: If by YYH you mean Yu Yu Hakusho, then yes I do. I used to be in a YYH club at my school, so I think I count as a fan.

KuramaStrassCullen 06-01-2008 03:48 PM

YOU HAD A YYH CLUB????? That is so unfair...

But, it's nice to know there are more YYH fans out here other than me. Who's your favorite character?

araharu 06-01-2008 09:19 PM

Well apparently I look like the grown-up version of Koenma, so I guess he would be it.

KuramaStrassCullen 06-02-2008 07:55 AM

My God! Really? I'd love to meet you then. (No, I am not a stalker.) Teenage Koenma is, like, hot! (Not as hot as Youko or Kurama, but hotter than Yusuke.) I look like Keiko myself, in my opinion.

Really? You'd base your favorite character off your looks alone?

allthesame 06-02-2008 04:50 PM

....i prefer DEATH NOTE

araharu 06-02-2008 05:38 PM

As do I, allthesame. And I haven't seen YYH in a long time, so yes I would base it off looks alone.

sajeev50 06-03-2008 07:31 PM

What about dbz?

KuramaStrassCullen 06-04-2008 01:28 PM

And what about Pendragon? Have you heard of it?

araharu 06-04-2008 09:43 PM

I used to love DBZ as a kid; I even collected and battled the trading cards. Pendragon is actually a favorite series of mine, and while I think I may eventually grow out of it, I still enjoy staying up late at night to finish "one more chapter." (Of course, putting a book down ruins it---it's like stopping a movie. So I usually just finish it anyway =P)
EDIT: Come on guys, Underling's beating me by 10 posts! STEP IT UP!

MrsSallyBakura 06-05-2008 12:09 AM

I like DBZ too!! And Death Note! =D
Only seen a little bit of YYH when it was on Toonami. I remember that Hiei reminded me of Vegeta but he was still awesome. Because Vegeta is awesome too.

KuramaStrassCullen 06-05-2008 02:33 PM

I'll post more in here if you start posting in my Pendragon thread! No one's posted!

Yes! Pendragon is the greatest series (right after Twilight)! Have you read Raven Rise yet? My mom won't let me have it... but I've read some of it and it is so good....! *whines like a deprived fangirl*

allthesame 06-05-2008 07:16 PM

hey pendragons pretty kewl......... is there a new one out or sumthing

allthesame 06-05-2008 07:18 PM

anywayz araharu are you a code geass fan?

araharu 06-05-2008 07:39 PM

Hmm...I'l try and answer these all at once.

MrsSallyBakura: Yeah, Hiei is pretty cool, and so is Vegeta, but I liked Hiei better as an ally and Vegeta better as a villain.

KuramaStrassCullen: Maybe I'll post, sure. As for Twilight/that other one, I haven't read any books for a while. Junior year has really been a killer. This summer I hope to get more reading in though, and I've heard good things about Twilight.

EDIT: I almost forgot, I do read something every day. I've been following Tales of Mu (which now has a companion story-AWESOME) and An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom pretty religiously for a while now. I highly recommend people check them out. (Warning: some chapters are NSFW)

allthesame: I don't know if a new Pendragon's out, I'll have to check at my local bookstore. As for code geass, anime, as with books, has been put on the back burner because of school. I'm hoping to catch up during summer vacation.

MrsSallyBakura 06-07-2008 01:25 AM


Junior year has really been a killer.
LOL isn't it always a killer?
It's seriously the most stressful part of high school. Ugh the ACT was such a... it wasn't even that hard but that stupid half-hour essay thing? Screwed me over because they said that the best strategy for writing it was to plan it out ahead of time and then write it, but I wasted 15 minutes of planning so I rushed 15 more minutes to write the essay. I didn't finish and got a 5 out of 12, and you know what they suggested? "Try planning out your essay ahead of time."
Dumbasses. Seriously. >.>

Skarphedin 06-07-2008 02:56 PM

Why did junior year kill you? ACT?

Speaking of which, taking any APs? Don't overload, or you'll get claimed by senioritis. I took six APs senior year, and by the time I was finished, I wanted to die. DIE I tells ya.

araharu 06-07-2008 11:42 PM

Well, junior year is not yet over so I guess you could say that it is still in the process of killing me. Still. But yeah, standardized testing is a bitch. I took the SATs twice, (no ACTs) and I got lower scores on everything my second time around WITH the extra help session that cost me $150 and the review of my last answers. Eugh I say. EUGH.

PS: Araharu>desu.

KuramaStrassCullen 06-09-2008 01:37 PM

Not that there's any point to posting in Underling's profile anymore...

Yes, the new Pendragon book came out. The next and last one is due out May 2009.

Raven Rise was so good! I think Saint Dane is gonna win. My God. Sanit Dane is gonna win.

Raven Rise spoilers - Think hard before you read it.
[ Like, everyone died. All the Travelers are back (except Osa). Press is back. Loor kissed Bobby. Mark and Courtney are dead... gone. It wasn't very clear on which. And all the flumes, like, exploded. ]

It was awful. But it was... so... good.

And now I'm writing a fanfiction to explain what I think the origins of Saint Dane are.

So, Araharu, junior year's a killer? That's just great... I'm looking forward to next year...

And another question: what's your favorite Pendragon territory?

araharu 06-12-2008 03:07 PM

Yeah, no spoilers for me, I like my surprises. I did read the next installment in the Artemis Fowl series, which I enjoyed immensely (although none of them can be as good as the first, in my opinion.) Next is the new Keys to the Kingdom, then probably Pendragon.

My favorite territory? Hmm...I'd have to go with <span style='color:CCCC10;'> whoops, it's spelled Cloral</span>. It's pretty friggin cool, living completely on top of water like that. Hobey-ho, let's go.

KuramaStrassCullen 06-12-2008 04:54 PM

Yeah, most people I know're like that. But I'm the kind of person who has to spoil everything. -_- I drive my friends nuts... and I had to type that, or I would've, like, exploded. Like Sid.

Cloral is awesome. I do love Spader.

My favorite territory, though... I'd pick Cloral, Second Earth, Third Earth, or Veelox. >> I can rarely make up my mind about things. That also drives my friends nuts. But I love all those territories. I don't care for the others.

And yes! Hobey-ho, let's go!

Bonkatsu 06-14-2008 08:21 AM

Yeah! I love Artemis Fowl, it's great.
I totally agree with you, the first one's be the best.
How many more do you reckon he'll write?

araharu 06-14-2008 08:29 PM

Kurama: And I'm the kind of person that would go nuts if my friend ever did that to me. I once brutally murdered someone who ruined Spiderman 3 for me (Even though it wasn't that good anyway.). True story.

Bonkatsu: I reckon he'll milk the series for all it's worth, with each one more like the lst. It's a success, and he's in a business to make money. Why would he fix something that ain't broke?

KuramaStrassCullen 06-18-2008 01:17 PM

Did you really murder them?

araharu 06-20-2008 03:03 PM


KuramaStrassCullen 06-20-2008 03:04 PM

So, then, are you in, like... jail?

araharu 06-20-2008 08:56 PM

Yes. Which is why I won't be around for the next week or so to answer questions. Because I'm in jail. A week-long jail.

Gameguy1546 06-23-2008 02:00 AM

<img src='/images/emoticons/smiley1.png'> I <3 Araharu

Gameguy1546 06-23-2008 02:09 AM

OMG, Araharu is in teh jail?

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