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TheOcean 11-29-2015 05:53 PM

ocean's christmastravaganza
I'm feeling in the spirit of the holidays. So trample each other to win the best stuff guys.

Rules: Write the best letter to Ocean Claus about how you were a good boy or girl this year. Include what types of midnight snack you'll be leaving for me on Christmas Eve. Bonus points if you draw me a doodle. (Can be 100% unrelated, but don't steal someone else's work.)

Two entries per person, so if you feel someone over did you, enter again and step up your game.

The best boy or girl or person of nongender will recieve an original crappy painting by yours truly.
The second best boy or girl will get an original small drawing from me.
The third runner up will get a gentle pat on the head via the internet.

If you are international and win I will send you your gift, but you probably won't get it by Christmas. Shopping can be expensive.
Yes this requires you giving me your address. It will be private. Don't worry about me stalking whomever you are, I have way too much on my plate to do that.

Contest ends December 13th

TheOcean 11-29-2015 11:18 PM

A challenger emerges!

TheOcean 12-01-2015 05:00 PM

Thirteen days left. :thatface:

TheOcean 12-05-2015 04:20 PM

8 days-a-counting.

musigal 12-05-2015 07:00 PM

Dear Ocean Claus,

I never believed in Santa Claus because my parents didn't believe in lying to me, and I have a bad taste in my mouth about the whole concept of Santa. However, you, the Ocean, are real, and so I feel no qualms in sending you a letter trying to wheedle as much from you as I can. :V

How have I been a good girl this year? I rescued a homeless cat and gave her a forever home. I was not late paying bills or rent as promised. I made an effort to call my parents and initiate conversations with them so they feel loved. I supported my husband when he was feeling down on more times than I can remember. I completely organized my house and have kept it fairly well-kept since then. I have sponsored a boy in Peru by providing him with food and clothing and the opportunity to go to school. I have done well at my job, working my tail off into the night at home to get reports done on short notice, and my students have all made wonderful progress this year. I am patient. I am kind. I restrain myself from showing frustration.

Of course, this parade of self-lauding counteracts all of the things listed by making me boastful and proud and arrogant, so I shall hopefully offset that back to the positive by leaving you a plate of danishes and hot cocoa!

Merry Christmas!

TheOcean 12-11-2015 10:20 PM

Only two days left kids!

WhiteMageBakura 12-12-2015 03:50 PM

Dear Ocean Claus,

I never get much from my family for Christmas each year, but my brother always does because they believe I don't deserve anything because of my behavior. My big brother always has been so mean to me, and my parents always spoil him to death. Whenever I get upset at him for teasing me and I tell him to stop, my mom and dad never do anything other than tell me to "just ignore him". But when I do something that upsets him, he cries for mom and she punishes me for it, even if it's because of something stupid and pointless that made my brother whine. He gets whatever he wants during the holidays while I only get a card and a shirt or two for Christmas. Half of the time the shirts they buy on Christmas are too small for me to wear. But you know what? I am still grateful for what I receive, even if it doesn't seem like much. There's more I will tell you that explains why I am a good girl.

You see, I have diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of three. It's a high spectrum form of Autism, but I don't see it as a syndrome: I embrace it as a blessing. I'm socially awkward out in public, my brain functions differently than those who don't have the disability, I am terrible at multitasking... there's so much more I can list about myself that makes me so much different from other people! A lot of people I knew both in the past and the present have judged me by these weaknesses I possess, especially back when I was a child. I usually am treated like dirt no matter what I do, I never get invited to any parties, I never get to hang out with any of my friends, and I was bullied my entire childhood life. Almost everyone believed I am a complete freak of nature, all because I have a disability.

However, amongst all those bad apples, I met some of the most amazing friends anyone could ever ask for. They stood by my side in my times of need, and even when they couldn't be there for me, I held their friendship in my heart and used their strength to help me push on through the harsh obstacles in life. In turn, I was always there to help my friends when they needed me the most, no matter what tries to stop me from doing so. Even if I get absolutely nothing each and every single year of my entire life, I will always be happy on Christmas each year. Why, you ask? Well, the most precious gifts of all aren't tangible, physical objects. They are the wonderful, positive feelings that only friends and those who truly love you can give to you: Friendship, kindness, joy, happiness, love, and much, much more!

When you come visit my humble home on Christmas Eve, I will generously share these feelings with you by leaving you a big plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies and another special treat: a cup of hot cocoa made with chocolate milk to make it extra chocolatey!

Alicia (a.k.a. WhiteMageBakura)

P.S. Here is a quick doodle of a kitty face. Why? Because everyone loves cats! :)


l3o2828 12-12-2015 07:53 PM

Dear Ocean Claus,

This year I feel like I've grown as a person. At work I've been doing everything on my hands to help the new people working closely with them in order to elevate them to the best themselves that they can be. I have participated in charity helping Hentai manga characters pay for their psychiatrist fees. And something about a "Red Cross", I dunno, I figured it had to be a Crossdresser fundraiser.

This year I have made sacrificies to not only improve myself, but improve the people around me. Most importantly, I have worn my Cabana boy costumes and uniforms flawlessly.

I say this because I'm sure Santa would like to pay attention to Cabana boys with no gag reflexes, wearing skin tight outfits. And as the masterpiece Showgirls has shown us, The best way to improve yourself in life and in your career is to make Kyle MacLachlan cum in his pants. And I've done some very similar things at the Cabana this year.

As such I am waiting for the blessings of Ocean Claus, and I will make sure to leave plenty of snacks for her, such as a Mimosa and-Ah f*** it! I'll just leave all the cocktails there. I'm sure Ocean Claus will appreciate it.

I just hope I was enough of a good boy, and frankly if anyone was naughty it was the people at the pool, seriously you have no idea what I've had to clean off from there.

Well, I hope this letter reaches you well, Ocean Claus. and No, I have no idea what 'Conflict of Interest' means,


Your favorite Cabana Boy

Here's my doodle:


TheOcean 12-13-2015 01:16 PM

Today is the last day to get your entries in. Make my decision even harder people!

YG117 12-13-2015 07:51 PM

Dear Ocean Claus,
My faith in you has dwindled over the past 24 years as I have yet to receive a salty surprise from you beneath my Christmas Tree. However some faith remains as I have hopes that you may take time to read my letter.

I am writing because I have taken a peek at Rebbie's letter, and while his list is quite impressive, I noticed he asked for one item in particular that...he just cannot have.


Rebbie cannot have [^_^].

[^_^] is mine.

I wanted to clarify and make sure you know and understand that [^_^] is not to be gifted to Rebbie under any circumstances. Of course, despite the nature of my letter, please understand that I am not heartless and ask that you replace Rebbie's requested gift of [^_^] with a spiked dildo instead. I'm sure he will enjoy it.

As for myself, I have been very good this year (albeit annoyed with the forum as this is the second time I am writing this letter as my first did not go through because I wasn't logged in. Pity.) I have made sure to eat my vegetables as well as remembered to feed the sex slaves living within my harem (though I have forgotten in past years, I have since come a long way ;) .)

I ask for nothing but what I have requested above. In return, I offer you seaweed, the occasional lost pair of sunglasses, and cruise vessels for your snackage and enjoyment.

Because I am moving to a new town on Tuesday, my drawing tablet is packed away. I leave you with, instead, an antique painting of [^_^] drawn by myself many moons ago, and now recently modified to fit the festiveness of the season.

Yours truly,

TheOcean 12-14-2015 02:09 AM

Aaaaaand its gone.

Results sometime after I've slept.

TheOcean 12-14-2015 06:56 PM

Winner winner no chickens in this dinner!
Okay! After much thought I have made the very difficult decison of whom won what. You guys all did really well btw. I did not expect nearly as much a turnout as I got.

Winners are:

1st- Whitemagebakura - way to guilt trip and bring it home with a positive end!
2nd- Musigal - beautiful art, I am desu ocean over it.
3rd- leo - who wins this *pats you on the head* and thr knowledge that he should just ask me for art cause I will send it to him no matter what time of year it is.

Reborn and yg are disqualified- we must all share [^_^], sillybillies.

WhiteMageBakura 12-14-2015 08:07 PM

Wow... To be honest, I thought I wouldn't make it in first place. o.o I'm extremely excited though! And congrats to the other two winners as well! ^^

Wait a minute... Ocean, should I go ahead and send a PM of my address ASAP, or would you like me to wait until you're ready?

TheOcean 12-14-2015 09:25 PM

You can pm it to me whenever. I will try to get you a picture by Christmas, but it will be on the cheap so i make no guarantees it will get there in time. I am going to cali on vacation come the 22nd, so if you don't send me your address before then, you won't get it.

WhiteMageBakura 12-14-2015 10:14 PM

No rush, bud. Take your time! :)

I got the pm sent to ya. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to hunt down Ryou Bakura and glomp him like the insane yaoi-fangirl I am.

TheOcean 12-14-2015 11:32 PM

Lol never tell an artist to take their time, they might start iver with something new.

WhiteMageBakura 12-15-2015 11:48 AM

What's wrong with something new? Would that somehow lead to something borrowed and something blue?

...Please excuse my terrible rhyming. It was all just horrible timing.

Oh, for the love of Ra, I need to stop my rhymy self. Welp, I suppose to stop this chaos, it's time to take the censors off the shelf!

*censors the rest of the unspeakable poetry coming from my [virtual] mouth*

musigal 12-24-2015 10:40 PM

*is thrilled* I'm glad you liked it =)

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