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LittleKuriboh 04-28-2014 12:28 PM

"Dungeon Crawlers" Pilot!
Hey YGOTAS fans!

If you enjoy witty, nerdy humor, then you should love Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer's new project. It's a fantasy based sitcom inspired by too many tabletop sessions entitled "Dungeon Crawlers" - here's the pitch:

"Dungeon Crawlers is a fantasy sitcom exclusive to Youtube starring puppets. Thrak the Cyclops, Benny the Wraith and their publicity agent, Jill, are all monsters living in a cave. While their job may be to kill adventuring parties, they must survive, firstly, being roommates. Between walking the zombies, maintaining the traps, and paying for their Netflix, the monsters have their plushie hands full. If Avenue Q had been written by the Venture Bros, if the Odd Couple were cast from the Monster Manual, you'd find Dungeon Crawlers."

Check out the first episode right here! It features the voice of a certain Kuriboh sounding gentleman.

EZE 05-04-2014 05:51 PM

I guess I'll go ahead and watch it then.

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