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  1. Zairak
    This has been your quadannual Visitor Message.

    Don't spend it all in one place.
  2. Zairak
    Oh, and the reunion is this coming Saturday, if you're not busy.
  3. Zairak
    If it interests you, I received notification of an oncoming Closed Beta for a 'Ghost In The Shell' MMO today.

    It appears to be FPS themed. Here's a link, in case I don't log on here again for a while.

  4. Zairak
    I think all at once, though that DVD suggests people were still pilfering.

    It's too bad, really; I think you would have enjoyed playing this Yoshi user we fought in the Finals. He actually managed to stave off me and P.S. for a minute or so on his last stock, I think his biggest problem was a lack of a competent teammate, even if that teammate was Space Dandy. He was pretty much a one man team.
  5. Zairak
    Yeah, but apparently his DVD only had the Extras disc in it.

    Relatedly, and in response to your question, it seems they had something like $10k of equipment stolen this summer. I guess they didn't run multiple televisions for a game because they simply didn't have multiple copies of the games, a lot of stuff was loaned for the duration of the convention.
  6. Zairak
    So, the con yielded a fair amount of swag.

    Did P.S. tell you what he found in his, or why they were so slow with the tournies this year?

    ...Tourneys? Tournies? Bah.
  7. Zairak
    I visited some of the boards I used to post on yesterday.

    That feel when you see something you posted as a teenager.

    That god awful feel.
  8. Zairak
    Was your tag on Gamefaqs Abiogenicide?
  9. Zairak
    I may not be able to make it up there this week. I'm scheduled to mow a cemetery and some other places, harvest part of the garden, and deal with a field of hay.

    Perhaps next weekend, though.
  10. Zairak
    That works, I don't really want to rent a place there just to play video games anyway. Probably be a good idea to look up when the tournaments/panels we want to hit up are going on, though, I think we kind of sucked at looking this info up beforehand last time.

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