This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout 'Save us!'... and Gon's Balls will whisper 'First... comes... rock!' Hah!  Made you stare at Naruto's Marshmallow!  Pushing the logo off-center to drive TheOcean insane.  
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  1. Mokie
    Where are you? =/
  2. Spectrum~Dreams
    I get distracted from exams/revision sooo easily, and about 75% of the time it's due to facebook heh.

    :D I guess Viva La Vida is a pretty versatile song, are there any YGO AMVs with it? And yeah when I listen to Poker Face I hear Joey's 'nyehs' in my head lol

    I like Phil Collins as I think his songs have lots of feeling, and lol at that Simpsons ep xD
    My parents like motown music best, but my Mum likes a lot of the stuff in the charts too, which can be odd. I have recently got into Billy Ocean through my dad :D

    I will have to listen to those Sting songs. Hmm, that parody sounds interesting? xD

    Yeah Angels is the first song I heard by Within Temptation, but I think my favourite is bittersweet. And I agree, they both have similar & nice voices :)

    How long did you live in the US for before moving to england? If you donl't mind me asking :)
  3. Spectrum~Dreams
    Don't worry about the wait i dont get on here as much as I used to anymore, I blame exams!
    Yes, lets hope it doesnt fail...:P

    Ooh Viva la Vida is my favourite Coldplay song :D And yeah I know what you mean about Lady Gaga, usually her videos are just pushing the limits but telephone was like wooahh, seriously? xD

    Wow you have a big musical taste! I also like Phil Collins, I dont really know much stuff by the others though. Except for that one by Sting and the Police, Every breath you takke, love that song :D Oh and I like a couple of evanesacence and Within Temptation songs, her voice is so high while still sounding nice, so talented!
  4. Spectrum~Dreams
    Hehe your version of vampires sound cool, I like to tease my friends about Twilight and it's crapness, some of them get very defensive lol. Wow your own book, that's awesome, and Im sure it's not as fail as you think it might be :)

    too right about adult ff lol.

    Music I like, hmm Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Lemar and Newton Faulkner are my favourites, you?
  5. Spectrum~Dreams
    Hello again, sorry I haven't replied sooner I havent logged in for weeks! :o

    Hooray, I'm glad we agree on how the twilight vampires are boring lol! Well I can;t really speak, haven't actually read the books...sshhh :P

    I didn't get on very well with adultFF...I lost my (short) patience trying to find stuff xD

    Ooh, apparantly Boy George has released a new song! I havent listened to it but I'm sure it's...interesting xD
  6. Mokie
    Oh that's horrible :/ hm yes I agree it is the devils drink :O

    XD lol oh yes the good old animes Digimon + Pokemon...those were the days ;P ok cool lol, my mum has seen Naruto and likes it o__o

    Yes it was a very cool song :3

    ha :DD I still need to give you the picture..I will send it by email XD Oh i don't think that's's good to cry XD heh that reminds me once i read this really angsty fanfiction about Mokuba...I was crying T_T lol

    Well im glad you're serious about it. + to be honest i think you are very interested and passionate about polictics and you will be very good working in that type of place when you're older. you love it and would devote yourself to it ^^ which is very good :D

    lol okies :3 well i have to watch pandora hearts too, ne? XDD

    Lucy is too amazing...I saw her live, she's got a pure voice :D she sung songs better than the originals can sing them :)

    Michael Jackson ftw XDD
    oh ... well im not too sure if they liked thatcher or not :/ i dont like to ask to much about these subject in case they get angry, plus i dont know much about it myself ^^; but i am certain that the war in iraq should have never happened...well i mean atleast british shouldnt be there.

    yep but my sister annoys me aswell :/ and she hits me :O pain...
    yep told me about your sis taking your chocolate o__O

    Yes! that would be very fun :DD i will beat you >;D lol! joke.

    Yes it's good...but i never tried the bubble tea :/

    Oh and sorry for the late reply *bows* ...well it's good we can speak on msn now :D
  7. Spectrum~Dreams
    I like most genres too but not horror and not too much angst...I don't like to be sad aha. But I agree, fics are more interesting with obstacles and DEFINITELY when they're well written!

    Puppyshipping, well, I like how they look together but I find it very inplausible! xD Oh well!

    Haha that story sounds amusing, I used to read loads of 'yami/hikari' stories :D

    The signature is just a name? Seriously? *goes to try it* Lol I can't believe thats all I had to do! xD
    Hey 21/22 isn't old! And yeah lots of people rebel, and tbh, the amount of smutty fics I've read on are probably just as bad as the ones on adultfanfiction :L

    ooh-er...*winks back anyway* lol

    ...and now karma chameleon is in my head xD
  8. Mokie
    Happy birthday Nii-Nii (I hope you don't mind me calling you that it sounds cute ^^)
    I hope you have a really special and fun day

    I have your present but I don't know how to get it here XD
    I'll give it to you later on msn if you're on :3
  9. Mokie
    Oh I see ^_^
    I already added you on Saturday :3

    Eee...yeah :/ my uncle is so horrible, at one point he was being evil to me so then I started crying, crying like a baby too then I started saying if he comes back in here I'm going out, so when he came back downstairs I ran past him and locked myself in the toilet for about 30 mins __. Yeah, it does because my uncle isnt bad either...its unfortunate that alchohol can make people like that because my parents are different they are nice drunks and then I can take advantage >;] XD o____o omg lol that's horrible >.> eh no problem they are tarts/sluts...whatever XD Hmm I don't understand why alchohol makes people act differently X___X it doesnt affect me at all like I said before just I get tired/ill and my face burns =_=

    Omg yes, all animes no matter what genre always have comedy. Ahh I love anime *__* Im laughing at a horror for god sake XD Tokyo Mew Mew is abit like Sailor Moon if you've ever seen that before...ooh Yaoi XD

    Haha yeah I saw that too __ well yeah in Japanese it means love or like ^w^. Oooh I love this song <3
    I've never heard it before but it's nice!!! ^________^
    I'm gonna be downloading that ;D

    ^_^ I've done the drawing now, but I have to colour it...let's hope I don't mess up the colours ^^".
    Hm yeah besides I like to be sad __ LOL im just strange...but I yearn for pain at times...or some sort of strange feeling like that. I wanna be a plushie *-* lol

    Hm my dads annoying __" and he probably wasn't even being serious. Wow you're really serious about this, huh? x3 I asked my mum about Norman she says she has heard of him XD

    Um actually I haven't seen Ouran High School before! my friend likes it...XD
    Okay he would shout yes because he's happy and relieved and excited but he could have spared a moment to shake Lloyd's hand .__. gosh Lloyd would have because he always used to hug the person who went out if he was in the bottom two. Hehe ^^ Lucy would make a really good singer, I would buy her album if she ever released one.

    LOL well I am fussy eater __. LOOL Michael Jackson I love that song and yeah, it's addictive. We had to do the dance at school once in a dance & drama lesson *good times*. Lol aw that's cute >w< heh heh the iraq war is so pointless. people are wasting their lives there they need to bring the soldiers out and its all the american's fault.

    Yep -w- oh god she annoys me sometimes because I have to share a room and she always messes it up __ last night I was in a bad mood after having some disgusting take-away (never ordering from that dump again x__x) and then i came into my room and started shouting and then I was crying basically just shouting at my sister for the mess, but then we both started laughing after i finished shouting XD we get into fights and then laugh and become friends again. we're close becaus we're always play games and anime role-play and stuff ^_^

    LOL hehe yeah I think I knocked it off too once or twice...I had the mini ver. of that game too ^^ calmeness is the key to victory though ;3

    Yes it would __ Hm yes London!!! X3 Chinatown is amazing! but be careful not to get ripped off there __ haha. I bought some Pocky In Japanese candy store *3* you should buy some don't feel bad about using a map heck, I would get lost WITH a map. Me and my friend once got onto a train on the other side o____o then the train driver made an announcement and we got of the train ^^;
  10. Change of Heart
    Change of Heart
    bloody computer signal it's affecting my typing blast!

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