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  1. Zairak
    Hmm... well, to be honest, that has more to do with the requirements for this project. It'll end up requiring several dozen people at the least in order to function and I've exhausted my own list of contacts. So, I've started asking people who seemed active on the forum, at least, under the reasoning that it doesn't cost anything to ask.
  2. Zairak
    Basically, it is an interactive book/game.

    The project takes place on several forums, each forum representing an area in the world the book takes place in. Players can sign up at each forum and have their character put into the respective area based on forum. They then make actions every Turn of the game and affect how the storyline and plot develop. Think similar to reading a book and having the ability to jump into it and change how things happen in the book.

    For what the writer does... each writer is over one forum. Every turn, they write a series of short stories, usually 3-4 paragraphs in length though it can be shorter or longer, for each Player based on the Players characters actions and interactions with the plot and events going on around them.

    That's it in a nutshell, so to speak. There are some other minor details, but that's what it's mainly about.
  3. Zairak
    I's looking for writers for a project I'm running, thought you might be interested.
  4. Zairak
    Hello there.
  5. bakurachick
    its ok.i was vague. ok then^^
  6. bakurachick
    death note the forum game
  7. bakurachick
    oh sry. to start the round.
  8. bakurachick
    because we only need 2 more players to start
  9. bakurachick
  10. maisetofan
    well since they are only cartoons i do not think its that bad
    if they were real people then yeah that would be sick

    yes a genuine australian voice actor would have helped alot

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