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Conversation Between Fenrir502 and Yachiru
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  1. Fenrir502
    Grab on to them tight and don't let them leave.
  2. Yachiru
    congrats fennie! *hugs until he melts*
    ...btw my boyfriend is going to turn into my girlfriend.with hormone therapy.
    and i am ok with tad but the thing that i am really worried about is the fact that she might leave me.
    woa me! what am i to do?
  3. Fenrir502
    Pretty good. Just graduated so whoo! XD

    Well that's no good Yachi :/ At least you'll be able to talk to them over telephone/internets? :3
  4. Yachiru
    how have you been fennie?
  5. Yachiru
    Im doing good. i feel soo happy because of Christmas but im sad that i wont spend it with my boyfriend..err..girlfriend.*smacks self for forgetting*
  6. Fenrir502
    Hiya Yachi :)

    Nothing much, a few exams left then graduation.

    That's no good :(

    What else have you been up to? :)
  7. Yachiru
    Hey Feny! What up?
    Sorry that i haven't chatted with you in a while i have been busy with school and homework..which i still need to do.
  8. Fenrir502
    Yay for fun :)

    Not for homework though :O

  9. Yachiru
    college is fun.
    I have class three time a week so that is good.
    ...^-^ yaaaay...
    The thing that I don't like is that I have HW.
  10. Fenrir502
    Heya :D

    Not much, school's over for about two weeks or so, so celebration has ensued XD

    How 'bout you?

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