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  1. LOL Naruto Amirite?
  3. Episode 1
  4. Yugioh cameos in Naruto?
  5. Am I the only one that likes Yu-Gi-Oh the abridged series more?
  7. More like YOU GAY HO!
  8. The absolutly-not-limey, ninjas-wearing-orange-jump-suits thread. for one day only.
  9. The Site is back
  10. Dont ya think?
  11. The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.....Abridged?
  12. You might be a Narutard
  13. Why does LittleKuriboh need MasakoX's and Vegeta3986's permission?
  14. Why did they think they would make Hinata fans angry? (SPOILERS!!)
  15. Should do something different next time.
  16. best abridged naruto EVER!!!! Please make more?
  17. Do you want more LK NTACFSSS?
  18. Hinata
  19. Naruto sucks.
  20. Oh God This Is Real?
  21. I hate....
  22. you ever wonder....
  23. Will there be more Naruto abriged?
  24. Episode 3 - FANSERVICE NO JUTSU~!
  25. Naruto ripped off from Mortal Kombat
  26. Episode 4 BOWIE NO JUTSU
  27. Kakashi Bowie
  28. Episode 5 - MILKSHAKE NO JUTSU
  29. What's that song...?
  30. Question about Episode 5
  31. Building a bridge.
  32. Hey Hokage!
  33. Ninja Soul
  34. The Music Thread of NTACFSSS.
  35. The Abridged References: Naruto Spoof Edition
  36. Lip Service
  37. I am Wearing a Schoolgirl Outfit
  38. Special Ninjabridge Announcement!
  39. Episode 6- WEEABOO NO JUTSU~!
  40. Re-releasing episode 1?
  41. Do you believe that Naruto abridged is better than YuGiOh abridged?
  42. Full Version of some Naruto Abridged songs?
  43. Little Kuriboh's M. Night seems familiar
  44. My silly double-banning protest video
  46. Ideas
  47. Naruto Abridged Theme song on Drunk Tank
  48. OFF TOPIC- Making an abridged series
  49. Thought this might want to come to your attention
  50. Suggestions for future episodes
  51. Happy Birthday David Bowie-Sensei-Sempai-San-Sama..kun...
  52. OVA's?
  53. Is LK still going to do this series?
  54. The "Son of a bitch, gwaaaaarrgh" soundbit
  55. What will happen if? (Naruto Abridged)
  56. What is Haku saying in the "annetheng no jutsu" episode?
  57. So, about Gaara and Jiraiya...